Friday, 24 February 2017

Amon Student Goals - Whanau Conference

Tamaki Primary Student
Term - 1,  2017

Name - Amon Taakimoeaka

My goals for Reading this Term are -
  • To make connections between prior knowledge and examples in the text in order to understand abstract ideas.
You can help me by
Discussing a story I read to make sure I have not missed any ideas.
Encourage me to make connections to the story with my own experiences.
Explain the meaning of unknown words.
My goals for Writing this Term are -
  • To proofread for spelling and accuracy.
  • To use specific vocabulary, similes and metaphors .
You can help me by
Checking if I have placed my punctuation correctly in my story.
Ask me to write about my day everyday so I get used to writing, and read it back to myself to look for mistakes.
My goals for Maths this Term are -
  • To find a unit fraction of a set of multiplications.1-5 of 35 using 5x7=35
  • To recall all the basic multiplication facts up to 10x10=100
You can help me by
Encouraging me to practise my times table at home.


Name :  Amon Taakimoeaka

Class : Room 7

Blog address :

Class Teacher: Miss Ashley

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