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WAL about aboriginal art

I did this with auckland and saia

Native americans

I did this with saia and amon

Aboriginal nations

I did this with saia and auckland.

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WALT: Use dialogue in writting

When the lady got on the bus she had to go toilet she tried to get off the bus but the driver said when you get to your destination you can go toilet then she made a whole in her because the set.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Parnter Yoga

Yesterday on tuesday 24 of october Room 7 did an partner yoga challenge in the class. Miss ashley explained what we were doing. We were doing the yoga so we can have fun and we can have a recount to write about.

My partner for yoga was Auckland and Amon. When we did the yoga challenge it was easy so miss ashley extended so it can be hard.
In between each shape we had inhale and exhale. Auckland meticulously put his legs on me and put his up right arm on my leg.

The hardest part was easy for me and Auckland.Auckland had to sit on my legs when they were up and his legs had to go on my hands.IMG_0248.jpg

In yoga we had to try and balance  so stanley or kika can take the photo. Some groups crumble onto the some, Some people managed to get to get it right and some were hilarious.Also some groups were flexible.

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My Wrestling Hobby

My Narrative Writting


One spooky, scary night in the woods there was gorilla named Ivan. Ivan has a wife and 2 kids. Ivan lives in the woods with troops and his family.  Ivan is a gorilla who cared very much for his family he was very sensitive but he liked to find food.

So one day he went all alone to find some food for his family he was very exhausted but he never gave up.So he went out to the woods and found no bananas but he found a vampire and wolves he tried to fight them off but there were to much he was bitten scratched by the wolves and they trapped him in a net.

Although Ivan was trapped Ivan did not give up he called for help (oo ahh ahh) so then the apes came they look very angry they had big deadly weapons so they attacked the wolves and left the vampire to Ivan, Ivan punched the vampire with all of his strength and power so the vampire flew away and never ever came back!.     

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Walt to do critcial writting

I don't get any of them because it doesn't relate to what they are selling and what they are trying to manipulate people to buy becuase it makes you think that if you eat it you will be happy

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Banana bread

Today in room 7 we made banana bread it was really cool I think that it was amazing creating and experiencing how to make banana bread it was really Delicious.I really looking forward to make something else in the future.How to make the banana bread you need Ripe bananas, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla, baking soda, and flour.And its that easy so if you wanna give it a shot go ahead.  

Thursday, 8 June 2017

should fidget spinners be allowed in class?

In Room 7 we had a debate about should fidget spinners be allowed in the classroom i was on for because they are very  popular toy that can bring you joy and happiness.

I think fidget spinners should be allowed in the classroom so when you are angry then you can spin it and calm down.

Fidget spinners are a good toy that keeps you calm and make you happy.

Phones should not be in Schools?

I think that phones should not be for children because they are not mature enough.

For example So If they get angry they might chuck there phone away and then that will be a waste of money.

Also they might be talking to others when they are not supposed to be in learning time.

For example Like some people used to go on a website called it is a website that people used to talk to each other in learning time.

And they might go on something rude and they will not be allowed to look at.

So if they watch something rude but they try to joke around with some people they might not take it as a joke then they will tell the teacher.

For example like when they are trying to be funny they might go overboard and do something rude.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sign Language

Today in room 7 we had sign language we had a lady named Rachel. She is deaf and can not speak she taught us how to speak NZSL. I thought it would be really hard but actually it wasn't I caught it up easy.    

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Why zoos should not exsist

Why zoos should not exist

I think zoos should not exist because many animals have died in zoos because they are not well cared for. Another reason why zoos should not exist because some are not treated fairly and Some animals are used for entertainment.

 Many have died because are not well cared for. For example a giraffe was killed and fed to lions. It means that some animals are killed and fed to animals.

Another reason why zoos should not exist because some animals are not treated fairly. For example zookeepers painted stripes on a donkey to make it look like a zebra.
Screenshot 2017-05-29 at 10.42.05 AM.png

Animals are used for entertainment. For example thousands of animals are forced to perform silly acts.confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment.

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My Samoan Video

This is my samoan video

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WALT read nutritional information

Popcorn has...

  • 900mg of sodium/salt
  • 2290 kj energy
  • 6.0 of protein
  • 0.7 of sugar
  • fat total 36.3
  • dietary fibre 8.0g
  • I think that people should stop eating heaps of bad food because it might make them fat

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Game Review

WALT: I am learning to critically evaluate a game

Your name:Auckland

I played the game:Panmure monopoly
This game is made by the company:Kordell,lopi and ariki.
I played this game with:Amon,saia and suave.

The purpose of this game is to to get lots of money so you don't lose.

My favourite thing about this game was getting lots of money.

One thing I didn’t like about this game was: Nothing

This game is good to play by with a group because:its not a 1 player game.

I would rate this game 10 out of 10 because: it was really cool.

If I could recommend something to make this game better, it would nothing because it was cool.

This game is different from (the game you played last week) because:

(Paste a picture of you playing this game or a picture of the game itself at the bottom here, before submitting your review!)Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 13.54.46.png

Amon Fast finishers T1W9 Reading activity

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LIne basketball

On Monday 27th of March 2k17 skateboard was canceled so room 8 asked us if they want play a game of line basket ball and we yelled yes.

And the 2 refs was Miss Ashley and Miss Morrison so everybody participate It was fun but some people pushed and shoved but at the end of the day every body shaked hands but lined up the best.

To leave the bottom court's it was really fun I was the first person to get the ball in the hoop.

I was really proud of room 7 because this the fourth time we have beaten room 8 four times in a row.At the end of the day everyone was shaking hands and showing manaakitanga.

Marking my story!
Structure and Language
Sentence Structure
Total score (add the numbers next to the R’s altogether)
My E-asttle score is … (click here and see what your score is)

Monday T1W9 Reading activity

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This is what we did today it was fun did you know that the Panmure roundabout is going to be traffic light's.

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