Friday, 11 May 2018

Jupiter and our Solar System Understanding words

Image result for jupiter pngImage result for solar system pngToday we read an article to try understand more words related to the topic of the Jupiter and its orbit. What I found challenging was trying think of a meaning for words that were related the topic and also was creating a diagram and also explaining my diagram back to others and. I made an diagram so it could explain what orbit means to me, in my own opinion orbit means rotating around and certain object for example in our solar system planets orbit around the sun and the moon orbits around earth. What I found easy was answering questions and drawing my diagram it was interesting to see how understand words that I don't mostly use and I found this article interesting because I learnt meanings to words I did not know about.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Tai Chi Lesson #7

IALT: Reflect on our Tai Chi Lesson.

This Morning the Kia Manawanui boys went to Tai Chi and we went over some breathing techniques. We went over some forms and one of the forms were called tiger form and one of the stances are called crane stance. Every Time before we do our stances and forms and we do breathing techniques and I will name a few for you one was called monkey washes face and from the earth.

A story that really touched me was our instructor Mr Gordon's young friend he was 15 and left school he was a landscaper and it was very interesting to hear a boy that was 15 had a great job and also pushed himself to the limit when people would not even have to ask to do something he would do it.   

Amon - WRITING GOALS Term 2 2018

WALT: Set Writing goals for Term 2

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These writing goals are important to me because it could help me write with more detail more interesting words and to put them in sequence.
These goals can help me in my future when I have more writting tasks.

My first blog reflection for Term 2 2018

In the holidays I went to church and practiced reading my bible verse for white Sunday. If you don't go to church then I will tell you what white Sunday is all about white Sunday is a day when kids from church get given a verse from the bible or a verse from a hymn and you stand up in front of your church,and read out the bible verse or the hymn you got given from you teacher at church. 
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And the other thing I did in the holidays was going to my Nephew's birthday. My Nephew was turning 2 years old his is name is Tore-to Pese we went to the the sky tower for his birthday. It was very fancy and a lot of food I really liked that I was up high and that the food was so delicious I was so hungry I called eat a whole bucket full of chicken My family was so thankful for inviting us to go to  our nephews birthday.      

Friday, 13 April 2018

Planning for Ako Evening

IALT: Write an reflection of our planning for our Ako Evening

Talent Show Reflection

IALT: Reflect about my experience at the Talent Show Last night.
On Thursday the 5th of April we had a Talent show to fundraise money for our camp this year. We had to make our own groups and make up a performance to present to the people that came and watched our Talent Show. 

The first performance was a class performance and it was a song we had to sing and the song is called (This is Me) by The Greatest Showman. We had to make up moves to go with the song while were singing and dancing at the same time. But there were 3 lead singers and before we got up to perform I felt excited nervous and butterflies in my stomach. 

But after our performance I actually gained a lot of confidence for our next performances straight after our class performance. We had to perform our own song we made and that was called I know the Lord. During that performance I felt happy,excited and blessed.

After we had one more performance and it was a challenge also you had to dance to the song the song is called Joewana you had to make a dance that goes with the song. After everyone's performances we had one more and it was a class one to end the show off with a bang.  

Monday, 26 March 2018

Kiwisport/Volleyball Reflection

WALT: Write an reflection about Kiwisport/Volleyball

Today Kia Manawanui had Kiwisport and volleyball me and my group went to Kiwisport first. The Kiwisport was tennis I felt good to try my best at Kiwisport because I wanted to show the skills I learnt in our last few lessons and it was our last lesson and I wanted to make it worth it. I like the part when we were changing over because I wanted to see other people's skills and sometimes I was tired. I think I need to work on controlling the ball while hitting and to also move around while my opponent was hitting the ball. 

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After tennis we had volleyball because volleyball is the next sport we will be training for the next school tournament. Something I learnt during volleyball was how to serve and rules about volleyball because I did not know much rules about volleyball. I think I need to improve on serving and also spiking because I would love to spike during a game of volleyball.I would like to do more spiking in our next training lessons because I think spiking can get your team a lot of points.Image result for volleyball png