Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Kiwisport/Cricket Reflction

Today Kia Manawanui went to kiwisport in  two different groups. And one of the groups went to cricket and the other group went to kiwisport went to kiwisport first and we had tennis. We played a game called doubles and we had two get into a team of two and play against other teams, and the way to win was there would be a square you had to try control the ball to hit the ball into the square. It was very challenging and also very funny because sometimes we would hit the ball and we would lose, but it was funny because we would hit the ball so far or we would would hit the ball and not even make it over the net.    Image result for tennis pngImage result for cricket png
Then we had to swap over and my group went to cricket and the other group went to tennis. When we went to cricket I was bowling first and I got someone out and I had a bat but then unfortunately I got out after a while. So I had to be a fielder and I caught the ball and got someone out but I let someone that didn't have a turn batting and that it was fun to field for a while.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Kiwisport/Cricket Reflction

WALT: Write an reflection about our Kiwisport/Cricket 

Today Kia Manawanui had Kiwisport/Cricket and we were split into two groups like usal. The first group went to Kiwisport first and the second group went to cricket first. I was in home group one and we had tennis first, so what I enjoyed about tennis was hitting the ball with the rackets and communicating to others I did not know very well. What I learnt at our tennis lesson was how to  hit the ball more soft and how to control the ball.
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And then we swapped and home group one went to cricket and home group two went to tennis. And what I enjoyed about Cricket was hitting the ball far with the bat and also getting people out by bowling or catching the ball.What I learnt at Cricket was how to hit the ball and know when to run and when not to run also how to bowl without throwing the ball.

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Then after we had Miss Fepuleai have a bowl and bat and she was AWESOME! she would hit so far and we would have to run far away to get the ball and she had the last bat and bowl.   

Friday, 9 March 2018

Amon - Maths Reflection

Image result for maths pngWALT: Write an reflection about our maths

Today we had an maths we had get into groups of three or four. Then we got given problems to solve in the groups you got to choose I was with Aumau and Viliami. It was very easy to finish fast we would only get 2 questions each but some of us had the same equations and some of us had different equations but the equations were very interesting. 

I couldn't get over the fact that it was easy for us to move from page to page but it was good that we finished early because there was a group next to us that was struggling so we asked if they needed help and they said yes so we helped them and then Miss Komor. 

Came in the classroom and said that the group you are next to you and the group you are next will take turns asking each other questions after they explain how they found there answer and what strategy did they use we used algorithm.            

Monday, 5 March 2018

PB4L: Behavior in the bathrooms

WALA: Behavior in the bathrooms and how we should use them

Today Kia Manawanui talked about our behavior in the bathrooms and how should we use the bathrooms.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Technology Reflection

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WALT: Write an reflection about Technology

Today we had Technology and we split up into 3 groups the 3 group names are hard material, cooking and also graphics. I am in hard material hard material is very fun making a lot of fun things like necklaces and also different things.If you go to Technology you could learn things you might have never known in your life, you could learn how to cook something you have never baked or cooked before. What I found challenging about hard material was drawing what I wanted to make and it was interesting.


Maths Reflection

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WALT: Write an P.A.T maths test

Today Kia Manawanui had a P.A.T maths test it was very challenging and interesting at the same time. I think this means this can help me with my learning in maths.For example if I were to learn a new strategy then I could use during my test or even after. If you practice your multiplication, addition, division and subtraction you could use them during your test. What I found challenging was the question and also the problems and what I found interesting was my answer and how I answered the question. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Cricket Reflection

WAL: Cricket skills for cricket
Today we had P.E and the sport we played was cricket the reason we played cricket is because cricket is our next tournament coming up, first we had to find a buddie and then grab a cone and a ball and put the ball on top of the cone and put the cone in the middle of you and your partner, then someone will have to call out body parts but when they say ball you have to try to grab the ball before your partner grabs the ball. 

After that game we played another game called hit and roll, so the point of this game is try get the person out that is currently batting if they hit the ball and no one catches the ball then the first person to grab the ball, will have to roll it to the bat they are to far they could teleport this is when you throw the ball to someone else but if they do not catch it then bat again.

I was the last bowler my last bowl got the last person out then it was my bat I eventually got out but it was still fun because then I got them out it was funny but I was respectful at the same time.