Saturday, 13 June 2015


A Scary Story
Once a upon a time I walked into my room and what I saw was one candle glowing at the side of my bed.I then realised that a paper and a pencil which looked exactly the same as the one that I played with in the lounge.Also there was a note that said “CHARLIE CHARLIE PLAY WITH ME” Then I knew to never play Charlie Charlie

again one month later the candle was still glowing Charlie Charlie was back to haunt me.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Today at school . . .

Today at school…

We played ‘Heads down and Thumbs Up’ because our teacher was gone and the reliever let us play. I wrote a story about ‘The Seven Whales’, and I let my teacher check my work. When the bell rang we went out for our morning tea and I was playing soccer with my friends. I got a score and my friends were happy, but when the bell rang we had to go back to class. At the end of the day only the kids who finished their story had to go back on their netbooks and publish the story about ‘The Seven Whales’.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

On The Weekends .....

On the Weekend

On the weekend my family and me went to chipmunks I was so excited I went in my brothers car John, and when we got there I was so happy. I went on the big fat blue slide, and my brother and sister were setting up the table to get the food ready when they were finished I had to look for the others to come and eat. After that we went home when we got home I and turned on my PS3 on and play game.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Vocabulary Amon

Here is my Vocabulary

Friday, 5 June 2015

Bikes In School

Bikes in school

One exciting day my classroom room5
was doing work then on then a truck came by went on the grass then Mrs Fepuleai came in our class and said “do you know what that truck is for ? Our bikes she yelled!”. The class was so happy and when we went to assembly Mrs. Kelly had 2 Manaakitanga badges and one got given to Madjik because he is a good little boy now back on to the bike track a lot of people were not wearing helmets. When they are riding on their bikes even if you a on scooter you still need a helmet because if you fall on your head your head bleed. We had a ceremony then chance and a lady cut the red ribbon. After that only 2 people from one class was chosen to ride the brand new bikes. The people from our class that got to ride the new bikes were Soane and Villami.

Malama Honua

Today was very important because there was a cluster and that cluster is 12 schools. All 12 schools gathered up at PT.England beach to do a Haka for a waka that was coming from Hawaii. My school (Tamaki Primary) sang the loudest out of all of the different schools and even PT.England kapa haka group. The Point England’s Principal called and said that our school was the best and she even said that she was so mad at her school. The most important thing  was that there were visitors coming on the waka from hawaii and guess what they have come from hawaii to PT.England beach.

This is what the waka looks like if you weren't there. There were 2 wakas.THE END!