Friday, 5 June 2015

Bikes In School

Bikes in school

One exciting day my classroom room5
was doing work then on then a truck came by went on the grass then Mrs Fepuleai came in our class and said “do you know what that truck is for ? Our bikes she yelled!”. The class was so happy and when we went to assembly Mrs. Kelly had 2 Manaakitanga badges and one got given to Madjik because he is a good little boy now back on to the bike track a lot of people were not wearing helmets. When they are riding on their bikes even if you a on scooter you still need a helmet because if you fall on your head your head bleed. We had a ceremony then chance and a lady cut the red ribbon. After that only 2 people from one class was chosen to ride the brand new bikes. The people from our class that got to ride the new bikes were Soane and Villami.

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