Friday, 3 March 2017

🎒Tamaki Creek🎒

On Wednesday first of march Room 7, Room 4 and Room 2 were going to the creek. When we were going to the Miss Park shouted ‘can we come with you?’. Then Miss Ashley shouted ‘sure’.
While we were strolling we saw Youthtown. We went because it was inquiry and for a recount.

When we arrived we were exhausted, unfresh and desperate. When we walked on the bank we explored the meadow to see what was there.

When we were explored the meadow we little tiny rocks that looked like a meteor and there was a dead rat with maggots eating it. While we were strolling through the meadows we saw red, old leafs.

When we came back we from the creek we had 1 milk or 2  .After that we had to write the things that we saw at the creek.But at the end of the day I learned something new that there a moss and water rats.So I would like to say thank you Miss Ashley for giving me this big experience and the tamaki creek and never thought that water rats were true.

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