Wednesday, 1 March 2017

✍I am learning to identify homographs✍

I am learning to identify homographs
I am learning to use homographs in a sentence to show the different meanings

For each word below, think of two meanings for it and write 2 sentences that shows the different meanings of the word. The first two has been done for you.

If you don’t know any other meanings for the word, Google it.

I turned back and walked back where I came from.
My back is under my neck and above my legs.
After swimming I had to change out of my wet togs.
The shopkeeper gave me my change which was $2.
Light I turned on the light.
Light When I was holding the baby it was light.
Wind When I went outside I felt wind
Wind I wind down the window.
Sink When I jumped in the big pool I was about to sink.
Sink When my mum was washing the dishes I saw the sink.
Sign My mum had to sign the permission slip for the field trip.
Sign When I saw the gas station it had a sign.
Bass is a kind of drum.
Bass is a kind of fish.
Down Sometimes I feel down.
Down When I go to high I say go back down.
Rock When I saw a stone a thought it was a rock.
Rock When I went the party I wanted to rock and roll.
Lead Sometimes I feel like a leader.
Lead When I was leading it was in the front and I lead the team to the field.
Bat When I was playing cricket I needed Cricket bat to play.
Bat I have never seen a real life bat.
Can I drink two cans of coke cola.
Can I can do this.
Row Row row your boat gently down the street
Row I see 4 rows
Bank I see money in the bank.
Bank I ran up the bank to the top of the hill.
Fine her hair is fine
Fine pay the fine


  1. I like how you explained what you did so we know what you are doing.

  2. I like how you explained what you did so we know what you are doing.