Thursday, 16 June 2016

Book Review of Crinkum Crankum-Amon

CTO this document into your reading folder with the title “Book Review of TITLE - your name” BOOK REVIEW Title:Crinkum Crankum Author:Margaret Mahy What would you rate this book out of 10?7out of a 10 Who are you recommending this book to? (Other year 5 and 6 students? Tamaki Students? Adults? People who like scary/funny stories?)Roy Kelly Who were the main characters in this book?The Tree fairy god mother and the Witch What was the theme of the book? (Was it funny? Was it scary? Did it contain lots of action?) It was scary and funny What was your favourite part of the book?When the kids went on the tree and said THIS IS THE BEST TREE! If you had to use 6 words to describe the book what words would they be? 1.funny 3.scary 4.silly 6.Excited Review written by: Amon Ta’akimoeaka

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