Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tane and the Stars


Long time ago, Tane looked up at the sky and all he saw was the freaky dark sky there. There were no stars, no moon, no nothing. Tane the strong brave God had a good idea. He made gold stars and he made a strong of flax basket. He put all his energy into this. He was ready to plant the stars in the sky. Tane flew up to the sky and threw the beautiful stars all over the sky. In doing so, Tane had used all his energy. He fell back to the ground. Tane’s wife saw him and she yelled’’ help help!’’ no one heard her. She started to cry. One of the tears fell on Tane and Tane came back to life.

Everyone was delighted. At night we can still see Tane’s stars.Image result for tane and the stars story

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